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there is nothing like the feeling you get once you clean out your closet. i get that brand-new, start-afresh feeling every time, and this time was no different. i bought new hangers, i folded and refolded, i hung and sorted, and most of all, i got rid of the pile o’ crap that was taking up space in my closet (something of which, lemme tell you, there was precious little of to begin with), and am left with things i WANT to wear every morning, without having to sift and sort through and waste precious time on.

so hurray for me!

of course, when i mention reorganizing, really what i mean is shuffling things around in some kind of system that makes sense. i have read of people that change out their wardrobes for the season, keeping heavy winter things in storage when the time comes to make space for flimsy summer things. i have read of people who hang everything on separate hangers, who sort by color, who fold their sweaters in the shape of origami swans. these people are clearly goddesses.

my system is such: handbags on a high shelf, sweaters on a shelf to the side, skirts and jersey dresses on another shelf, jeans and pants on yet another shelf, and on hangers, my collection of blazers, fancy(/ier) dresses, and coats. scarves, hats and belts in a box on the floor. tshirts and camis and underthingies in a chest of drawers. ta-daa!

hey, don’t judge. homegirl has no space in this teeny tiny studio.

anyway, most things that i let go of, i let go of with little or no regret. some, however, went with a pang and a wistful “if only.” those honorable mentions include:

  • a lovely mustard corduroy blazer that fit me like a dream… and that i never wore, and probably never would wear. i love mustard yellow, but in corduroy, and in a blazer, it just didn’t fit with anything else in my closet. it hung there for a year, just lookin’ pretty. many a time did i run my hand over its smooth wale, letting it sit just a little longer, convinving myself i would wear it…eventually. this time, i decided it was time to say goodbye. *sniffle*
  • a dusky pink satiny top that i told myself time and again looked totally funky with a blazer and jeans and heels. i was totally right too! except it was completely wrong for my lifestyle. try as i might to convince myself that i would wear it on hot dates with the bf, truth is bf and i are more movie-and-dinner people than hot-club-in-the-city people. which i happen to like. bye-bye satin top.
  • a beautiful embossed silky black voluminous top. it will look good belted over jeans! screamed the voice in my head. until the other, more rational voice said, yes, and everyone will tell you how lovely you look 5 months pregnant.
  • pants. it’s about time i faced the fact that, well, i’ve put on a few pounds. and while i think i still look pretty good, i’m not doing this bod any justice by trying to squeeze it into those ill-fitting pants with the too-low rise. paris hilton i am not, and thank goodness. time to invest in pants that don’t risk crack exposure and don’t squeeze my organs together in the manner of corsets or pythons.

and there you have it. the one thing this purge-and-reorganize brought with it was the realization that i’m learning to dress this body i’ve been blessed with, and that i’m honing in on my personal style – to borrow a phrase from led zeppelin, what is and what will never be. which means yay! progress!

i feel so accomplished that i will now go eat a cookie.


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check, check and check.

lovelies, this is big buddha’s taylor handbag in cream:

i love you. *nuzzles*

i love you. *nuzzles*

is it big and slouchy? check. does is fulfill my irrational obsession with having a woven purse? check. is it the cream color i have long been seeking? check.

is it more money than i am willing to spend? check.

i pine.

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hullo lovers! since my last post of utter doom, i thought to myself, self, you are being silly. really. so to snap myself out of it, i did a closet purge-and-reorganize (details later) that took the better part of my morning and made me feel ready to start afresh. it’s spring after all! rebirth! baby animals! and all that jazz.

that said, outfits, yo.


black jersey dress, old navy. green cardigan, old navy. cream scarf, h&m. cameo brooch, malaysia. scrunchy socks, UO. black flat boots, the gap.

ah, monday. it was gray, it was drizzly, and my day started with an outfit diss from a girl on the bus. she gave me one of those LOOKS – y’know, the top-to-toe once-over, then the FACE? picture the FACE from the sex and the city episode where carrie runs into nina katz and she says “oh. i dated aidan after you.” and then she makes THE FACE. this was THE FACE. (i spent 10 minutes trying to google an image without success. which makes this the biggest pointless tangent of all time).

nevermind. point is, monday sucked, as mondays are wont to do.


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welcome to my rut.

lately, i haven’t been feeling very inspired. or satisfied, really. i wake up in the morning, stare at my closet, and i can’t seem to muster up any energy or excitement in putting an outfit together. i look back at outfit photos of the week, and yes, i look semi-put together, but, except for perhaps yesterday, none of the outfits seem playful, whimsical, ME. in the mornings i change over and over and over again trying to find new, fresh combinations that are also pleasing to the eye, but i always seem to come up short.

in the winter or fall this is a lot easier because i can fall back (oh how i hate falling back) to a fail-safe formula of skinny jeans, boots, top, sweater, scarf, and walk out the door. but i haven’t figured out a “uniform” for this in-between, not-quite-winter-not-quite-spring weather, and so i’m styling blind.

i’m reading the fashion mags and fashion blogs and combing my usual sources for inspiration, but i’m just in the mother of all ruts.

maybe that’s something to work on. all i know is, i’m getting tired of getting dressed in the morning. which seems terribly sad to me.

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oh crud.


why couldn’t pay day have been just a wee bit earlier??

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oh how i yearn.

rococo daisy chain handbag in yellow at lulus.com

i want you. and if you are still there at the end of the month, you will be mine. oh yes, you will be mine.*

* brownie points if you got the reference!

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apparently, today is the first day of spring. to which i say: what-freaking-ever. have you seen the temps here in the midwest ‘burbs? *seethe*

oh well. the week’s outfits:




tunic top, thrifted. cropped cardi, target. scarf, malaysia. bag, h&m. coral flats, target.

it wasn’t too chilly out, so i took the opportunity to play with spring colors and break out the cute shoes. as i walked to the bus stop i passed a gas station attendant who smiled and me and said “nice day, isn’t it?” i love it when people are nice for no reason!


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