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thank you to the asiancajuns for remingding me of one of my favorite phrases:

ich habe genug. i have enough.

the clutter is unnecessary. time to pare down the wardrobe, clear out the almosts and not-quites and clearly-ews and figure out what i really want to say with my style. also, time to donate clothes to the salvation army. gotta give back the love i’ve gotten, no?

ich habe genug. ich habe genug. say it with me people!


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meh. it’s been a rough, rough week, and the see-sawing temps aren’t doing anything to improve my mood. is it spring? is it winter? do we know? mehhhhhhhhhh.

day 1:

outfit 1
dress, old navy. cardi, thrifted. tights, f21. brown scrunchy boots, aldo.

wow, i’ve worn these boots a lot lately, maybe because i LIVED in my black ones all winter, and the brown makes me feel at least a little bit more spring-like. also, they’re more streamlined and go better with skirts. and momma loves her some skirts, babies. holla.


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no shoe juju.

call it what you want – shoe juju, shoe mojo, or just plain ol’ shoe luck – but i usually have it in abundance when i go a-thrifting. not last friday, though. oodles upon oodles of cute shoe finds, but my size was, unfortunately, nowhere to be had. fives, sixes, eights and nines, but no lucky number sevens. sad.

i did, however, find some other bounty worth noting! so yay!

richard chai for target graffiti rose print dress!
exposed zipper!
i’d admired this richard chai for target graffiti rose print dress when it first came out ages ago, and it stayed in my shopping cart online for weeks, but i never could bring myself to buy it. it’s a really graphic dress, and i wasn’t sure for that price i could actually pull it off. but for the $4 thrift store pricetag? um, hellz yeah. it’s well-made, the exposed zipper in the back makes it sort of rock and roll and sexy, and it has pockets!!! which merits three exclamation points because yum, pockets.

sweater dress
this dark green sweater dress is pretty basic, but it has several things going for it that most other sweater dresses don’t: it’s got a fun scoop neckline, the color’s very rich in real life, and it has a trapeze, swingy shape that means it doesn’t cling to my thighs like a bustier on rihanna’s rack (that’s right, i said it). with some waist definition from a blazer, cardi or belt, i’m golden!

striped skirt!
ah the stripy skirt! it is one of my favorite thrift purchases thus far. it’s all chiffony and swingy and gorgeous with the teal and black and maroon colors, and i feel incredibly delicate and pretty and ladylike when i wear it. mmm.

the blazer was found not at the thrift store, but secondhand at an online store on livejournal. it was too adorable to pass up – i love those not-quite-round, not-quite-square buttons.

look at those prints and colors! i am so stocking up for spring. no more drab winter colors for me!

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lesson: appreciate.

today, in an act of spreading around good karma, i randomly emailed a few people whose blogs i had been following for yonks. it wasn’t just because i liked what they wrote about, or how they dressed, or that they are incredibly pretty – although they are all those things. it’s because they also have hang ups and issues and they bare all of this on their blogs, and let us see them work through it, and come out of all of that the better for it. as we are, for having shared that journey with them.

in short, they all seem like people that it would be really rad to chill with in real life, and i figured that once in a while everyone deserves to have someone tell them so. so today, i decided that that would be me.

i promise you these ramblings have a connection with style and fashion, and it is this: that getting a handle on that personal style starts with getting a true sense of who you are. when your interactions – with friends, strangers, life, the universe – somehow yield a better understanding of yourself, then it’s a cause for celebration and gratitude.

plus, it’s never a bad thing to make someone’s day! karma, people. you get what you put out there, y’know?

in a completely unrelated note, i went thrifting today and found some gems that i will be excitedly sharing later – or tomorrow, because i’m really sleepy and dinner still hasn’t been made. ugh.

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here’s a thought.

i don’t have to be your kind of pretty. i can be me, and my own kind of pretty. and that’s okay.

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consider brown.

of all the neutrals, brown has to be one of my least favorite ones, mostly because i feel like as a rectangle body shape, swathing myself in brown fabrics is a very good way to look like a tree trunk. and that’s just not a good look for me.

so it’s weird that this week i seem to be doing lots of riffs on brown. this dress actually kind of makes me look like a saggy, sad sack of a person when worn on its own, but with a pop of this nice warm pink and some waist definition, i don’t think it looks half bad! or at least, i hope not.

march 6th: not a tree trunk!

the details.
faux wrap dress, old navy (thrifted). lacy cami, UO. wrap cardigan, old navy (thrifted). boots, aldo. scrunchy socks, UO.

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it is a 65 degree high in the midwestern ‘burbs today y’all. 65 FRICKIN’ DEGREES. that is practically 70, which is practically SUMMER. huzzah!

the temps encouraged me to break out the spring dress… except i am still a pansy and wore tights and a scarf and a sweater and…yeah. but still!

layer one!

layer two!
dress + scarf (not pictured), H&M. tights + headband, F21. sweater, thrifted.

i fail at taking pictures of myself. must work on that.

and, as a bonus, yesterday’s outfit, aka a riff on a tried-and-tested theme:


the deets.

boots of awesome.
skinnies, unknown brand. top, from malaysia. scarf, UO. boots, aldo.

i have lived in this combo or some variation of it this winter, and let me tell you, making it look fresh – or at least making an attempt at making it look fresh – is getting OLD. bring on the spring!

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