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i was going to do my customary recap of week 4 and 5 of the c25k program, but after yesterday, i’ve lost the words. because yesterday, i completed day 3 of week 5. i ran for 20 minutes.

20. minutes.

a month ago i could barely make it through 60 seconds without wheezing my head off and wanting to die. but yesterday i ran for 20 minutes. i can’t stop typing it out. 20 minutes! for the first time i feel like i can do this. i’m getting stronger, my pace is getting faster, my breathing is getting steadier. i can do this!

as of yesterday i am more than halfway through c25k. and now i know i can make it.


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how to get out of a rut.

forgive the sporadic posting, lovers. lately i have been feeling — oh, how do you say it — non-inspired, as i am wont to do late in the season, any season. i am tired of heat and humidity and i was reaching that point where i was no longer inspired to do anything fashiony at all.

several things, however, helped to pull me through. the first: at work, a coworker told me that she admired my ability to never wear the same outfit twice — “everything you wear always looks new to me.” which left me feeling pleasantly puffed up all day.

the second: i refreshed my look, and with nary a budget woe. the first step was getting a haircut:

wow, the shirt bunching is super awkward, and that mirror is disgusting. i have since cleaned it. FOCUS ON THE HAIR.

how was this done with not one pocket twinge, you ask? well, i shall tell you! i often rely on ye olde hair cuttery or great clips for my trims — hair not being one of those things i like spending a ton of money on — but i was after quite a chop, and i have learned through painful experience that chops are best left to the experts. so i scoured google for local salons, found the one with the best reviews on yelp, and as luck would have it, they had a 50% off coupon online for first time customers. a $17 haircut at a reputable local salon? SIGN. ME. UP.

the second change-your-look-on-a-budget step: new glasses!

yes, i finally took advantage of the eyewear insurance i have been paying for for the past two years and ponied up for these new babies. basically i went in and told the lady that i was after something a) retro, b) slightly funky, and c) like nothing i currently owned. i walked away with these lulu guiness babies, $50 in all after the insurance kicked in. HOT.

the best part? those little squiggly bits on the arms? not just decoration, no sir! they actually say “be a glamour girl,” which level of kitschy goodness delights me to NO END. i was so giggly in the car all they way home i swear the BF would have hit me, had that been acceptable. (domestic violence: funny yet?)

all in all, i’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my wardrobe yet again! it helps, of course, that the temps have dropped considerably and i can start indulging my love of layering again. oh fall, how i have missed you.

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so i’m kind of a dork.

part of what i do all day every day at myReal World job (as opposed to this blogging muck i do for fun) is designing stuff. luckily, i am a huge nerd, and i love designing. i also love words. that means this week i’m obsessed with all things font-y.

yes, yes, i’m a huge dork. BUT LOOK AT THESE. JUST LOOK AT THEM.

typographic kern acrylic ring set, $11

go **** yourself brooch, $14

helvetica typography necklace, $20

garamond 10pt type necklace, $25

epershand earrings, $18

dear god, save me from myself. and etsy.

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friends, i am not one for spilling too much of my soul here on the internets, but if there is one thing you should have learned about me by now, it is that i love a good bargain and the thrill of the hunt. few things bring me greater pleasure than sifting through racks of polyester and pleated pants to find a new love. and, like a true junkie, i’ll go anywhere to get the next hit — including that pantheon of used teen and tween fashion, plato’s closet.

i’m still in my early 20s, but generally, stepping into a plato’s closet inspires the same feelings in me of stepping into a forever 21 or an urban outfitters. it’s hard to name, but it’s a sort of gut-wrenching, pit-of-my-stomach-is-falling-out, what-the-hell-is-this-music-and-why-is-it-so-loud, dear-lord-i-am-not-young-or-trendy-enough-for-this-place feeling, like indigestion, but less welcome. so why do i do it? because the siren call of the on-trend bargain is not one i have yet learned to resist. stupid bargains.

lest you have yet to set foot in a plato’s closet, i shall describe the scene for you. my local outlet is small, but packed to the gills with cast-offs of the young and fashionable, with the most common brands being forever 21, express, the limited, old navy, target, urban outfitters brands, and the like. it is staffed by the young and fashionable as well, who often serve you with the withering condescension and well practiced almost-boredom you find in most teens.

warning: you do not come here for the customer service.

as with any secondhand/consignment place, there are treasures to be found — but they require some digging. observe:


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week three of operation GOYA (get off your ass), and to paraphrase terry pratchett, i [still] aten’t dead. i think that’s progress. full status report:


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honestly, so was i. but i looked through my closet last night and this morning, and i honestly couldn’t think of anything that i would not wear. you’ve seen the trends i thought were cute but didn’t have the courage to put into rotation — now that i have, i can’t think of anything more.

doesn’t that sound like a terrible cop-out? i promise it’s true!

even though this experiment was only 3 days long, i think i learned a lot about myself and my fashion philosphy in those 3 days.

  • if i buy into a trend, it’s because i can already see it working on me in my head. all i have to do is push through whatever hang-ups i have to give it a shot. in other words, i have good instincts about what works for me; i just have to actually start trusting them.
  • if i like an item or trend, there is always a way to make it work. i should not give up on things and insist they’re “just not me” if i’m particularly fond of a certain style. everything is adaptable (how’s that for a mantra? i should get it on a tshirt).

this week i’ve put an orphan into rotation, i’ve jumped headfirst into a trend, and i’ve tried a combination i never thought i’d be able to pull off. in previous challenges i’ve gone monochrome, tried to convey character and mood, put together outfits for less than $20.

now i put it to you, blogosphere. i’ve spent quite a bit of time challenging myself to see what i’ve learned throughout this whole process — now i’d like you to challenge me. what would you like to see me try? what do you think you’d do to take me out of whatever stylistic box you see me in? i promise to try and respond to any and all challenges, if at all possible. so either drop them in the comments, or send me an email, and i’ll see what i can do.

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without fear: the mixer.

this is day three of the without fear challenge. technically, it should be day four, but i had a minor alarm clock related incident yesterday that made creative dressing impossible. hey, being without fear four out of the five days isn’t bad, right?

item: well, not so much an item, but a concept — mixing patterns.

story: the idea of mixing patterns scares the living bejeezus out of me, and yes, i really did just say bejeezus. i never really thought about why, but i suppose it’s that whole fear of clashing patterns and looking like a clown and just generally drawing attention to myself in all the wrong ways.

how i made it work: a thrifted striped pinafore dress, a red polka-dot top from forever 21, a blue-grey cardigan from h&m, a thrifted cameo necklace, pewter sandals from target.

the results:


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