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photo courtesy of chalkbass @ flickr

photo courtesy of chalkbass @ flickr

the difficult part about operation get off your ass (GOYA), otherwise known as the c25k program, is pushing through. everyone concentrates on the highs — how it feels to be getting fit, how great it is to cross the finish line at your first 5k. so few people talk about the lows.

this was my low.

on the first day of week 7, i had to run for 25 minutes. i made it 20 before i had to walk, trying to get my breath back. i ran again for the last 2 or 3 minutes, but i ended my workout breathless, with tears pouring down my face.

they don’t tell you about the lows. maybe they don’t know. i have put so much of myself into this endeavor; i have thrown myself heart and soul into achieving this personal goal for myself. i cannot bear the thought of failing. i cannot bear to think that i will be crawling, rather than flying, over that finish line. i want to run and i want to run strong. to have to stop, to have to admit weakness that day — it hurt me more than the stitch i had developed in my left side.

if they don’t tell you about the lows, they can’t tell you how to push through them. i had to figure that out on my own. i reran my 25 minutes the very next day, determined to use that will, that determination, that unwillingness to fail, and push through. if i waited another day, i honestly don’t think i could have pulled myself out of that abyss.

i ran my full 25 minutes. i ran it again twice more last week.

so here’s what i’m telling you: there will be bad days. there will be lows. but the true failure is allowing them to conquer you. keep running, and keep trying, and if you have trouble, tell me about it. i promise you we’ll cross that finish line, flying, together.


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one. ana sui’s much-talked-about collection for target launched yesterday. probably fueled by the gossip girl crazed teen girl population (self shame-facedly included, despite not really being a teen girl anymore), pieces are selling out fast, so i recommend you check them out here if you are so inclined.

luckily, i managed to snag the one dress i actually wanted yesterday afternoon:


delicious. watch for it to be styled in this almost exact same way come fall.

two. it appears shoetrader.com will be closing its doors for good TOMORROW, so everything is now 60% off with coupon code 943783. i suggest you take advantage of that and get some comfy shoes for peanuts oh, say, NOW. i’m particularly enamored of these pale pink lovelies:


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image courtesy of yyellowbird @ flickr.

today’s photo has the kind of hippie-boho vibe i always think looks great on others — but never imagined on myself. still, being one of those annoyingly competitive people by nature, i took that as a challenge and ran with it.


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photo courtesy of alibubba @ flickr.

i’m sort of in love with today’s inspiration picture, mostly because i’m a huge board game geek. so for today, i decided to play with the bright primary colors of the board game boxes to get the same cheery effect. behold:


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this week over at the youlookfab forums, we’re using photos randomly generated from flickr’s “interesting things” stream to inspire our daily outfits.


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today i start week 7 of the c25k program (otherwise known on this blog as operation get off your ass [GOYA]). the last time i checked in, i was on a high after running for 20 minutes straight. i got all excited, we got signed up for our october 4th 5k race, i was pumped and ready.

that glow of accomplishment didn’t last.

here’s what not many people seem to tell you about week 6 of this program: it. is. HARD. after you’ve run for 20 minutes, you think to yourself, one more week of interval training? pshaw! run for 10 minutes? i just ran 20! bring it, biatch!

lovelies, i about died in week 6. i was breathing more heavily than a very excited perv on a crank call; i felt like snails and small children on  tricycles could have passed me 12 times over. what’s worse is that i started tracking distance run and not just time, and i am not quite up to the required 3 miles yet — which means i am now haunted by fears of not completing my 5k at all and having BF drag me over the finish line on his back.

SO FOOLISH. i know. you don’t need to tell me. but still, i am worried. so for these last 3 weeks (and extra one week before the race), i’m concentrating on running at a solid, steady pace, instead of trying to be all flash gordon in the beginning and then crawling by the half-time mark. and hopefully i’ll make it across the finish line in good time, and alive. dream big, eh?

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as you can see, oh honey no has gotten a facelift! i got tired of the dark background, and am liking this lighter, fresher look. plus, i plan to incorporate more changes in the next couple of days. i know, i know; you’re thinking but how can i possibly wait that long?! the truth is, i don’t know either. but we’ll make it through.

in the meantime, you like? let me know if you spot any problems in the comments!

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