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from the what i wore posts, it’s pretty obvious that you know that my love for colors is deep and unending, like my love for sneezing pandas or oberweis chocolate milkshakes. but i do get it: color is SCARY. and figuring out which colors go with which can be a process that can make you want to rip your hair out and wear black for the rest of your life.

but never fear! i have a handy-dandy list of resources that can help you – yes, you! – conquer your fears and dip your toe into a whole new world of fashion possibilities. and the best part is that these resources are great for a shot of instant inspiration too.


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before i embarked upon this Mission, i was firmly anti-working out, and i used every reason i could come up with in order to not have to work up a sweat. it’s too cold, i’d say. it’s too hot. i’m too tired. the tennis court’s too full. gossip girl is on. my mom’s going to call and i’m going to miss it and she’s going to be pissed. i don’t like gyms. people will laugh at me.

that’s the problem with¬†getting yourself off the couch and running your first 5k — there are no more excuses. you’ve already done it before, so how can you not do it now? what’s stopping you?

sometimes i catch myself trying to make excuses. sometimes i catch myself losing my drive. and then i sort of have to check myself and be all, listen self. you better shape up, because do you really want all this pain and sweat of the past couple of months to go to waste?

no. i don’t. i really, really don’t.

which is why, in order to give myself another goal, i’m running another 5k this sunday, almost a month exactly after my first. and this time it isn’t about setting myself a time or competing against anyone — it’s about knowing that first time wasn’t a fluke, and it’s about proving to myself that this is something i can do over and over and over again.

i’ll keep you posted.

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i accept cyberhugs.


there was supposed to be an outfit post for today, but yesterday i had a bad day, a fat day, a bad case of the uglies that i couldn’t shake.

you know those days, right? those days when you get up, and nothing looks good on you, and nothing seems to fit, and nothing goes right, and you hate your body a little bit but you’re not even sure why? that was my funk. i wanted to be invisible. nothing made my day better except being able to go home after work and relax with a bowl of hot soup and the latest episode of glee (side note: freaking. LOVE. that. show).

so here’s my question, because i need your help. what do you do on days when you’re having trouble loving yourself, even though nothing has changed, and you know you should? leave your positive thoughts in the comments, or send an email my way!

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when the kate spade fall lookbook first came out, i squealed because the looks were SO. CUTE. and i was dying to replicate them once cooler weather rolled around.

kate1kate2kate3images from the clothes horse.

then, i realized one big problem. The Tights.

ladies (and gentlemen, i suppose?), i fear the colored and patterned tights. i adore them, don’t get me wrong, and own several pairs, but always seem to balk at actually wearing them. well, NO MORE. yesterday i wore a colored tights-centric outfit, and i plan to do so for the rest of the week continue experimenting. the results:


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pretty sure the universe is telling me to shop. observe:

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also, don’t forget modcloth’s twelvsies tuesdays — where they offer 12 random items at 12% off every tuesday. click here for today’s items!

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reclaiming your body.

as part of the ongoing mission to Get Fit, i take a dance class once a week called “flirty and fit.” every thursday, i go into a studio with a small group of women, face a mirrored wall, and watch myself try to replicate my instructor’s sensuous, burluesque moves. she tells us to “make it sexy” and i cringe, embarrassed by my clumsy attemps, convinced of my own blatant unsexiness. if only, i think, if only i didn’t have to look at myself. if only we didn’t have to face these mirrors.

and then today, i thought… well, why? why am i rejecting my body? why do i deny myself the right to be sexy? who am i to reject my ability to be fabulous, to feel good, to think of myself, “damn, i’m looking fine today”?

are our bodies perfect? hell no. does that mean we should deny ourselves the right to celebrate them anyway? HELL NO.

so today, i’m reclaiming my body. i’m reclaiming my sexy, my fabulous, and my foxy, all the way from head to toe. and tonight i’m going to shake that booty, work that core, and smile at myself in the mirror for being so damn fine. i suggest you do the same.

* image courtesy of special on flickr.

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