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what i wore: of the night.

so i’ve been noticing an epidemic lately: the epidemic of the too-short “dress.” you know — the dresses that just cry out for a little more fabric to protect your poor, cold butt from flashing itself to the world.

now usually, i let these dresses go without a murmur. if a dress does not pass the “grazes my knee” test, why, i dismiss them summarily, with the discipline of an olympian. no, dress, you shall not tempt me! i cannot tell you how many cute dresses have been rejected this way — no, literally, i can’t, it makes me weep. but sometimes… well, sometimes, even olympians have their bad days, and sometimes, i buy dresses that i am CONVINCED i can make work.

much like this one:



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you may have noticed some changes around these parts. homegirl was feeling a change, and a need for white space and simplicity — with a little more space to play with for images in entries.

the girl in the image is from a grazia magazine editorial, and your eyes are not tricking you — it is indeed snowing. i thought it went nicely with the girl in her coat and the whole winter thing and… anyway, point is, if it is distracting and icky, please do let me know. i don’t want to disgust you and ick you out.

and while we’re at it, if you could change your links to ohhoneyno.net, i would be very grateful! and send you happy christmassy thoughts, since today i am a christmas elf (see below).

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there was meant to be an outfit post early today, but. er. well, the thing of it is, the alarm wasn’t set, and i woke up with 15 minutes to get ready, which is why i ended up grabbing a green scarf. the green scarf goes wonderfully with my pinstripe shirt-black sweater combo, but did i mention that my winter coat is BRIGHT RED WOOL? i look like  christmas elf. HO HO FRIGGIN’ HO.

anyway, the excuse for no outfit post is that i was in a rush, not that i look like a christmas elf. but if you think i’m taking a picture of today’s outfit, you, sir, would be incorrect.

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you say goodbye, i say hello.

hello, hello.

i’ve spent the past few weeks being torn. and i don’t mean a good kind of torn — like, torn over two incredible, can’t live without them pairs of shoes — because with that kind of torn, that has outcomes that make me happy. i end up with one fantastic pair of shoes, or with both. the decisions don’t come so hard.

this kind of torn…well, it tears you up. do you know what that’s like? i’m sure you do, i’m sure i’m not alone — it just feels like it sometimes.

anyway, i am in the process of patching myself together again, and i figure the best possible way to do that is by concentrating on fashion and fun and the things i can control, like what dress to wear in the morning, and how to tie this belt, and where to place that brooch, rather than the things i can’t control. so hello, hello! to me. regular outfits shall commence shortly.

p/s – oh hey, spot a familiar name in this wsj article? woot woot. it is a teeny tiny mention, but i’d rather have a teeny tiny mention in the wall street journal than a big ol’ blurb anywhere else.

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