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you may have noticed some changes around these parts. homegirl was feeling a change, and a need for white space and simplicity — with a little more space to play with for images in entries.

the girl in the image is from a grazia magazine editorial, and your eyes are not tricking you — it is indeed snowing. i thought it went nicely with the girl in her coat and the whole winter thing and… anyway, point is, if it is distracting and icky, please do let me know. i don’t want to disgust you and ick you out.

and while we’re at it, if you could change your links to ohhoneyno.net, i would be very grateful! and send you happy christmassy thoughts, since today i am a christmas elf (see below).

– – – – –

there was meant to be an outfit post early today, but. er. well, the thing of it is, the alarm wasn’t set, and i woke up with 15 minutes to get ready, which is why i ended up grabbing a green scarf. the green scarf goes wonderfully with my pinstripe shirt-black sweater combo, but did i mention that my winter coat is BRIGHT RED WOOL? i look likeĀ  christmas elf. HO HO FRIGGIN’ HO.

anyway, the excuse for no outfit postĀ is that i was in a rush, not that i look like a christmas elf. but if you think i’m taking a picture of today’s outfit, you, sir, would be incorrect.


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