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you may have noticed some changes around these parts. homegirl was feeling a change, and a need for white space and simplicity — with a little more space to play with for images in entries.

the girl in the image is from a grazia magazine editorial, and your eyes are not tricking you — it is indeed snowing. i thought it went nicely with the girl in her coat and the whole winter thing and… anyway, point is, if it is distracting and icky, please do let me know. i don’t want to disgust you and ick you out.

and while we’re at it, if you could change your links to ohhoneyno.net, i would be very grateful! and send you happy christmassy thoughts, since today i am a christmas elf (see below).

– – – – –

there was meant to be an outfit post early today, but. er. well, the thing of it is, the alarm wasn’t set, and i woke up with 15 minutes to get ready, which is why i ended up grabbing a green scarf. the green scarf goes wonderfully with my pinstripe shirt-black sweater combo, but did i mention that my winter coat is BRIGHT RED WOOL? i look like  christmas elf. HO HO FRIGGIN’ HO.

anyway, the excuse for no outfit post is that i was in a rush, not that i look like a christmas elf. but if you think i’m taking a picture of today’s outfit, you, sir, would be incorrect.


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you say goodbye, i say hello.

hello, hello.

i’ve spent the past few weeks being torn. and i don’t mean a good kind of torn — like, torn over two incredible, can’t live without them pairs of shoes — because with that kind of torn, that has outcomes that make me happy. i end up with one fantastic pair of shoes, or with both. the decisions don’t come so hard.

this kind of torn…well, it tears you up. do you know what that’s like? i’m sure you do, i’m sure i’m not alone — it just feels like it sometimes.

anyway, i am in the process of patching myself together again, and i figure the best possible way to do that is by concentrating on fashion and fun and the things i can control, like what dress to wear in the morning, and how to tie this belt, and where to place that brooch, rather than the things i can’t control. so hello, hello! to me. regular outfits shall commence shortly.

p/s – oh hey, spot a familiar name in this wsj article? woot woot. it is a teeny tiny mention, but i’d rather have a teeny tiny mention in the wall street journal than a big ol’ blurb anywhere else.

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oh, bee-tee-dubs.

(as in, btw, as in, by the way. i know, i know, that’s what i get for trying to be cool and speaking the lingo.)


if you’re a fashion blogger and you’re not reading style sample yet, you should be. it’s basically the only online magazine written for fashion and style bloggers, by fashion and style bloggers, and it’s stuffed chock-full of the kinds of things we actually WANT to read about.

of course, if you need even more of a reason to check it out, i have an article in the latest issue, in which i interview the lovely and very talented mimi jung of brook&lyn, an online boutique you need to check out like, yesterday.

so click on over and check it out! please, obviously, because i am too polite to go ordering people around.

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guess who’s still alive!

clue: it’s not michael jackson.

it’s me! yay yay yay. i know, i have been woefully neglectful and if this blog were a small child it would have been snatched from me immediately to be taken into protective care, or to be put into the bosoms of a warm, wholesome family (so, not these guys then). (hi, i have an unhealthy obsession with reality tv.)

basically life has gotten in the way of the bloggy business for a little bit, but fear not! for i am prepping myself for a comeback of epic proportions (yes, EPIC). so expect regular posting to commence shortly. there may even be pyrotechnics involved! ooo, matches…

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how to get out of a rut.

forgive the sporadic posting, lovers. lately i have been feeling — oh, how do you say it — non-inspired, as i am wont to do late in the season, any season. i am tired of heat and humidity and i was reaching that point where i was no longer inspired to do anything fashiony at all.

several things, however, helped to pull me through. the first: at work, a coworker told me that she admired my ability to never wear the same outfit twice — “everything you wear always looks new to me.” which left me feeling pleasantly puffed up all day.

the second: i refreshed my look, and with nary a budget woe. the first step was getting a haircut:

wow, the shirt bunching is super awkward, and that mirror is disgusting. i have since cleaned it. FOCUS ON THE HAIR.

how was this done with not one pocket twinge, you ask? well, i shall tell you! i often rely on ye olde hair cuttery or great clips for my trims — hair not being one of those things i like spending a ton of money on — but i was after quite a chop, and i have learned through painful experience that chops are best left to the experts. so i scoured google for local salons, found the one with the best reviews on yelp, and as luck would have it, they had a 50% off coupon online for first time customers. a $17 haircut at a reputable local salon? SIGN. ME. UP.

the second change-your-look-on-a-budget step: new glasses!

yes, i finally took advantage of the eyewear insurance i have been paying for for the past two years and ponied up for these new babies. basically i went in and told the lady that i was after something a) retro, b) slightly funky, and c) like nothing i currently owned. i walked away with these lulu guiness babies, $50 in all after the insurance kicked in. HOT.

the best part? those little squiggly bits on the arms? not just decoration, no sir! they actually say “be a glamour girl,” which level of kitschy goodness delights me to NO END. i was so giggly in the car all they way home i swear the BF would have hit me, had that been acceptable. (domestic violence: funny yet?)

all in all, i’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my wardrobe yet again! it helps, of course, that the temps have dropped considerably and i can start indulging my love of layering again. oh fall, how i have missed you.

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get off the couch!

part of the reason i’m having so much trouble blogging lately is because i flat out don’t feel good about my body right now. it’s not that i think i’m fat – it’s that i’m just worn out all the time. i feel flat and uninspired and dull, and it affects my ability to be interested in fashion or in how i look.

mostly i just want to eat.

BUT. i have come to a decision, and i’m sharing this with you because then you can hold me accountable. i am on a Mission, and that Mission is very simply, to get fit. that’s it. i just want to feel good about my body again. i want to feel like i can take on anything. and i think once i get there, it’ll be much easier to start being enthusiastic about getting dressed again.

again, this is NOT about thinking of myself as fat. i am not. but i am also not healthy.

so here is the plan, and i apologize if you didn’t really want to read this — you’re welcome to ‘x’ out and go read something actually style-related — but i need to get it out here so that  you can call my lazy butt out if i punk out:

  • i’m cutting down on the sweet stuff. i have a severe diet coke addiction, mostly because when i need a pick-me-up at work, i turn to it for the caffeine hit (i don’t like coffee). i haven’t had a diet coke for the past week. that’s momentous for me!
  • i’m doing the couch to 5k program, and i’ve enlisted the boyfriend to do it with me, so that he can keep me motivated. i have ZERO stamina at the moment, which is why when he entreats me to play a game of tennis or whatever, i can’t be bothered to say yes. i need to ease myself back into it, and this, i think, will do the job. and i can’t punk out, because i just spent $2.99 on an iphone app to help me train, and i NEVER spend money on iphone apps. homegirl needs to get her money’s worth.
  • i signed up for a dance exercise class at the local fitness center – one class a week, for 8 weeks in the fall. i’ve figured out that i hate the ACT of working out in the gym – staid, boring, shut in. but if i get to be outside, or doing something FUN – and i’ve danced all my life – sign me UP.

i know these are very basic first steps, but you have to understand: after years of little to no exercise, i need to get into it slowly, or i get discouraged and give up before i even start. hopefully, the fact that i’ve already been productive and DONE something – plus the fact that i’ve just divulged my plan to the world! – will give me the momentum to complete the 9 weeks of c25k and the 8 weeks of dance classes, and move on to bigger and better things…

…and then we can get back to concentrating on fashion. 😉

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darling readers, i am off on a grand roadtripping extravaganza for the next week, one that will include bears, bison, cowboys, glaciers, and lots of driving. and since i will be camping throughout, i will not exactly be stylin’ while i’m doing it.

be back soon! don’t miss me. well, maybe miss me a little bit.

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