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before i embarked upon this Mission, i was firmly anti-working out, and i used every reason i could come up with in order to not have to work up a sweat. it’s too cold, i’d say. it’s too hot. i’m too tired. the tennis court’s too full. gossip girl is on. my mom’s going to call and i’m going to miss it and she’s going to be pissed. i don’t like gyms. people will laugh at me.

that’s the problem with getting yourself off the couch and running your first 5k — there are no more excuses. you’ve already done it before, so how can you not do it now? what’s stopping you?

sometimes i catch myself trying to make excuses. sometimes i catch myself losing my drive. and then i sort of have to check myself and be all, listen self. you better shape up, because do you really want all this pain and sweat of the past couple of months to go to waste?

no. i don’t. i really, really don’t.

which is why, in order to give myself another goal, i’m running another 5k this sunday, almost a month exactly after my first. and this time it isn’t about setting myself a time or competing against anyone — it’s about knowing that first time wasn’t a fluke, and it’s about proving to myself that this is something i can do over and over and over again.

i’ll keep you posted.


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 it is cold. it is cold, and my legs hurt. it is cold, and my legs hurt, and my nose is running, and sweat is dripping down my neck.

it is so cold i can’t even process my thoughts in complete sentences. they come out one by one, slowly, like my brain is frozen too, on top of everything else. we have just passed mile marker 3, i am pissed off at myself for having to stop and walk somewhere around mile 2.5, and this course is hilly and is NEVER GOING TO END. boyfriend is trying hard to keep me pumped up, but i can’t stop myself from thinking “i want to walk. just let me walk.” screw running, i just want to finish and sit and drink and get warm.

and then… there’s the finish line. people are lined up, and cheering us on, and telling us YOU’RE ALMOST THERE, and since i can see the finish line, i know they’re telling the truth, i know it’s not some cruel joke. and boyfriend looks at me and smiles as though to tell me it’s time to fly, and somehow i do. i dig deep and find the energy and we go ABSOLUTELY APESHIT all the way to the finish line and as i cross it he goes “lift your arms!” and i do because it feels like the world’s best and biggest victory.

(sidenote: and because i did what he told me to and put the foot that had my time tag over the finish line first and he neglected to take his own advice, i actually finished one second before he did, officially, even though he was ahead of me. *snicker*)

– – – – – – –

this is something i had to share because you have been following my journey for so long, that it would be unfair not to give you an ending. though in all fairness, the ending is hopefully never going to actually come — i hope to continue running, and i hope to enter another 5k soon, and i hope to kick even more ass. my time was 33 minutes, a full minute faster than my best treadmill time, and i find myself consumed by the desire to do it even faster. i’m taking my dance class once a week, and shakin’ my booty as a way of “working my core,” which, whatever the hell that means, who cares? shakin’ my booty is fun!

i’m not as fit as a lot of people; i’m not even as fit as i want to be, not yet. but come on — compared to where i was two months ago? i’m thinking this is progress. true, measurable progress. and if you set goals for yourself, you’ll see that kind of progress too — i promise.


p/s – i have twitter! i know, i know, how late am i. so add me here and let’s twit. or is that tweet? man, i gotta learn the language.

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photo courtesy of chalkbass @ flickr

photo courtesy of chalkbass @ flickr

the difficult part about operation get off your ass (GOYA), otherwise known as the c25k program, is pushing through. everyone concentrates on the highs — how it feels to be getting fit, how great it is to cross the finish line at your first 5k. so few people talk about the lows.

this was my low.

on the first day of week 7, i had to run for 25 minutes. i made it 20 before i had to walk, trying to get my breath back. i ran again for the last 2 or 3 minutes, but i ended my workout breathless, with tears pouring down my face.

they don’t tell you about the lows. maybe they don’t know. i have put so much of myself into this endeavor; i have thrown myself heart and soul into achieving this personal goal for myself. i cannot bear the thought of failing. i cannot bear to think that i will be crawling, rather than flying, over that finish line. i want to run and i want to run strong. to have to stop, to have to admit weakness that day — it hurt me more than the stitch i had developed in my left side.

if they don’t tell you about the lows, they can’t tell you how to push through them. i had to figure that out on my own. i reran my 25 minutes the very next day, determined to use that will, that determination, that unwillingness to fail, and push through. if i waited another day, i honestly don’t think i could have pulled myself out of that abyss.

i ran my full 25 minutes. i ran it again twice more last week.

so here’s what i’m telling you: there will be bad days. there will be lows. but the true failure is allowing them to conquer you. keep running, and keep trying, and if you have trouble, tell me about it. i promise you we’ll cross that finish line, flying, together.

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today i start week 7 of the c25k program (otherwise known on this blog as operation get off your ass [GOYA]). the last time i checked in, i was on a high after running for 20 minutes straight. i got all excited, we got signed up for our october 4th 5k race, i was pumped and ready.

that glow of accomplishment didn’t last.

here’s what not many people seem to tell you about week 6 of this program: it. is. HARD. after you’ve run for 20 minutes, you think to yourself, one more week of interval training? pshaw! run for 10 minutes? i just ran 20! bring it, biatch!

lovelies, i about died in week 6. i was breathing more heavily than a very excited perv on a crank call; i felt like snails and small children on  tricycles could have passed me 12 times over. what’s worse is that i started tracking distance run and not just time, and i am not quite up to the required 3 miles yet — which means i am now haunted by fears of not completing my 5k at all and having BF drag me over the finish line on his back.

SO FOOLISH. i know. you don’t need to tell me. but still, i am worried. so for these last 3 weeks (and extra one week before the race), i’m concentrating on running at a solid, steady pace, instead of trying to be all flash gordon in the beginning and then crawling by the half-time mark. and hopefully i’ll make it across the finish line in good time, and alive. dream big, eh?

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i was going to do my customary recap of week 4 and 5 of the c25k program, but after yesterday, i’ve lost the words. because yesterday, i completed day 3 of week 5. i ran for 20 minutes.

20. minutes.

a month ago i could barely make it through 60 seconds without wheezing my head off and wanting to die. but yesterday i ran for 20 minutes. i can’t stop typing it out. 20 minutes! for the first time i feel like i can do this. i’m getting stronger, my pace is getting faster, my breathing is getting steadier. i can do this!

as of yesterday i am more than halfway through c25k. and now i know i can make it.

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week three of operation GOYA (get off your ass), and to paraphrase terry pratchett, i [still] aten’t dead. i think that’s progress. full status report:


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yup kids, it’s that time again: my status report for Operation GOYA (Get Off Your Ass). how’d i do in week two of the couch-to-5k program? read on to find out:


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