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it’s that time again — tulle is having a monster sale on selected goods. for prices that range from $5.99 to $8.99, you get a pretty good range of stuff this time around too. my picks are below, but you might wanna take a look-see yourself at everything they’ve got to offer — before sizes run out!



mixed cable sweater in teal

also in: black, crimson
original price: $78
tulle’s day price: $6.99

why: i don’t know about you people in other states, but here in chicago it’s been just about the coldest october in recent memory, and my extensive collection of fine gauge cardigans, while insanely cute, just isn’t going to cut it. i need me some cable knit, and i need it NOW. bonus points for being cute and coming in nice bright colors.



baby quilted skirt in crimson

also in: black
original price: $63
tulle’s day price: $6.99

why: let me tell you a story. once upon a time, cold weather was my nemesis. i refused to go anywhere without cladding my legs in chain mail pants denim or corduroy or 15 pairs of heavy duty tights. then, i discovered how to wear skirts in cold weather. and lo, the heavens burst open and a chorus of angels sang, etc. this skirt, being quilted, is perfect for cold weather, because it’s heavy enough to withstand sudden gusts of icy chicago wind without exposing any ladybits. and i don’t know about you, but anything that prevents frosted ladybits is alright by me.


wool plaid shawl collar coat in graphite/black

also in: lavender/ink
original price: $110
tulle’s day price: $8.99

why: in my head i have this entry planned called “i don’t think so, tim: how to wear plaid without looking like al borland.” and it is pretty awesome, and this jacket would be on my list. it does everything right: the cut is slimming, the wide collar adds some interest, and the colors don’t scream LUMBERJACK. winner.


canvas sherpa vest in graphite

also in: evergreen
original price: $78
tulle’s day price: $6.99

why: okay, so the styling on the tulle site isn’t so hot. but bear with me here — couldn’t you just imagine this over a slim turtleneck dress, tights and riding boots? so very fresh-from-the-ski-lodge chic, no?


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oh oprah. is there anything you CAN’T do? print this coupon now for 50% off any pair of payless shoes. valid in-store and only till TODAY, so take advantage of this NOW!

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pretty sure the universe is telling me to shop. observe:

– – – – – – – – – –


where: macy’s online
what: extra 20% off plus free shipping
promo code: PL8KM912J3X
until: thursday, october 22nd

– – – – – – – – – –


where: chickdowntown.com
what: 35% off everything
promo code: FALL35
until: wednesday, october 21st

– – – – – – – – – –


where: dsw.com
what: $10 off $49
promo code: SHARELUV
until: monday, october 26th

– – – – – – – – – –

also, don’t forget modcloth’s twelvsies tuesdays — where they offer 12 random items at 12% off every tuesday. click here for today’s items!

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TODAY ONLY: steve madden shoes are on sale at 6pm.com for up to 65%, for anywhere from $14-$60.

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one. ana sui’s much-talked-about collection for target launched yesterday. probably fueled by the gossip girl crazed teen girl population (self shame-facedly included, despite not really being a teen girl anymore), pieces are selling out fast, so i recommend you check them out here if you are so inclined.

luckily, i managed to snag the one dress i actually wanted yesterday afternoon:


delicious. watch for it to be styled in this almost exact same way come fall.

two. it appears shoetrader.com will be closing its doors for good TOMORROW, so everything is now 60% off with coupon code 943783. i suggest you take advantage of that and get some comfy shoes for peanuts oh, say, NOW. i’m particularly enamored of these pale pink lovelies:


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youlookfab forum member mariannacecile alerted us to this in-store coupon the other day, valid at gap, gap outlet, banana republic, BR outlet, and old navy from today till august 2nd. click, print and enjoy!

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1. oh dear, how long have i been away from this blog? apologies, all. i got back about a week ago and spent a week catching up on work things and life things and getting used to sleeping on a REAL LIVE BED again instead of on an air mattress in a tent. oh the luxury.

2. i did a clean-and-purge of my closet today and, in a revolutionary move, organized my hanging things by COLOR instead of by TYPE OF THING, and golly, i love staring at my closet now. look at the colors! look at the textures! how much easier it is to wake up in the morning thinking ‘i’m feeling an aqua, seafoam green type thing today’ and be able to reach right into your closet and FIND it. glorious. a clean-and-purge always somehow re-inspires me, like i’ve rejuvenated my tired ol’ threads just by moving some things around. i can’t wait to start putting more outfits together.

3. hello, i love you:

zipper stud toe strap sandal in taupe, gojane.com.

zipper stud toe strap sandal in taupe, gojane.com.

here’s a confession: inner me wishes i had a tough girl side. you know, an EDGE. inner me wishes i was the kind of girl who could get away with a zippered moto leather jacket over a floaty floral dress and some bitchin’ booties and you’re just gonna have to like it or otherwise you’re gonna GET YOURS. outer me realizes that in a sea of delicate pretty-pretty and classic cuts and bright colors, tough things like this get totally lost and never get any use because i just can’t. wrap. my HEAD around it.

but this is only 16 bucks! and it has zippers! and studs! and as that snappy title says, a toe strap! i don’t know, i get the feeling it has just the right amount of tough and hardware that i could get away with it. and for $16, i could be tempted to give it a whirl. what say you?

4. can we discuss olivia palermo?

(click to be taken to image source)

in theory, i do not like olivia palermo for several reasons: she’s a socialite, she’s famous for being on a shitty reality show that is a spin-off of a shitty reality show, she’s pretty and vapid and taking the path already well-trodden by other pretty and vapid socialites who have risen to, then fallen from, fame.

in reality, i covet olivia palermo’s wardrobe. also, her hair. love the hair.

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as a style blogger, i feel it’s my duty to tell you about Really Good Deals. and tulle’s treasure hunt day is a Really Good Deal, so there. basically, every month or so tulle lets some of its items go for prices as ridiculously low as $4.99, which, seeing as tulle has really cute items, is kind of a bargain. now the point of treasure hunt day is to go a-lookin’ for these deals yourself, but pshaw i say (that’s right, PSHAW) , why do that when your friendly neighborhood blogger has already done it for you?

Linen Tie Neck Cardigan, $6.99

Linen Tie Neck Cardigan, $6.99. Also comes in banana and black.

Wool Jersey Dolman Tunic, $4.99

Wool Jersey Dolman Tunic, $4.99. Also comes in brown and cherry.

Brushed Twill Safari Pant, $7.99

Brushed Twill Safari Pant, $7.99. Also comes in black and brown.

Honeycomb Jacket, $7.99

Honeycomb Jacket, $7.99. Also comes in black, olive and paprika.

Bamboo Sleeveless Sweater, $5.99

Bamboo Sleeveless Sweater, $5.99. Also comes in black.

Solid Jersey Dress, $7.99

Solid Jersey Dress, $7.99. Also comes in banana and black.

see? cute, right?! i wouldn’t lie to you. tulle warns that these fit one size smaller than current tulle clothing, but i the last time i ordered treasure hunt day merchandise my usual size (s) fit me just fine. if you’ve never ordered from tulle i can attest to the quality of the merchandise – much better than the forever 21 crapola you could buy at these prices. plus 5% goes to charity – i’m sold! now off to eye that jersey dress, the tie neck cardigan, and MAYBE the honeycomb jacket…. hmmm…

p/s – sign up for tulle’s email updates to make sure you learn about tulle’s treasure hunt days well in advance – sizes sell out FAST.

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