there was supposed to be an outfit post for today, but yesterday i had a bad day, a fat day, a bad case of the uglies that i couldn’t shake.

you know those days, right? those days when you get up, and nothing looks good on you, and nothing seems to fit, and nothing goes right, and you hate your body a little bit but you’re not even sure why? that was my funk. i wanted to be invisible. nothing made my day better except being able to go home after work and relax with a bowl of hot soup and the latest episode of glee (side note: freaking. LOVE. that. show).

so here’s my question, because i need your help. what do you do on days when you’re having trouble loving yourself, even though nothing has changed, and you know you should? leave your positive thoughts in the comments, or send an email my way!


when the kate spade fall lookbook first came out, i squealed because the looks were SO. CUTE. and i was dying to replicate them once cooler weather rolled around.

kate1kate2kate3images from the clothes horse.

then, i realized one big problem. The Tights.

ladies (and gentlemen, i suppose?), i fear the colored and patterned tights. i adore them, don’t get me wrong, and own several pairs, but always seem to balk at actually wearing them. well, NO MORE. yesterday i wore a colored tights-centric outfit, and i plan to do so for the rest of the week continue experimenting. the results:

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pretty sure the universe is telling me to shop. observe:

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also, don’t forget modcloth’s twelvsies tuesdays — where they offer 12 random items at 12% off every tuesday. click here for today’s items!

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TODAY ONLY: steve madden shoes are on sale at 6pm.com for up to 65%, for anywhere from $14-$60.

as part of the ongoing mission to Get Fit, i take a dance class once a week called “flirty and fit.” every thursday, i go into a studio with a small group of women, face a mirrored wall, and watch myself try to replicate my instructor’s sensuous, burluesque moves. she tells us to “make it sexy” and i cringe, embarrassed by my clumsy attemps, convinced of my own blatant unsexiness. if only, i think, if only i didn’t have to look at myself. if only we didn’t have to face these mirrors.

and then today, i thought… well, why? why am i rejecting my body? why do i deny myself the right to be sexy? who am i to reject my ability to be fabulous, to feel good, to think of myself, “damn, i’m looking fine today”?

are our bodies perfect? hell no. does that mean we should deny ourselves the right to celebrate them anyway? HELL NO.

so today, i’m reclaiming my body. i’m reclaiming my sexy, my fabulous, and my foxy, all the way from head to toe. and tonight i’m going to shake that booty, work that core, and smile at myself in the mirror for being so damn fine. i suggest you do the same.

* image courtesy of special on flickr.

finally, a statement from fox regarding the jessica simpson-dallas cowboys clusterf*ck of an ad that i blogged yesterday:

“Burger King Corp. did not have any editorial input in the creation of the animation that ran last Sunday, and no one from Burger King Corp. approved it before it aired. Upon reflection, our poor attempt at humor was insensitive and we deeply apologize to anyone who might have been offended.”

Burger King adds: “Burger King Corp. has a long-standing relationship with FOX Sports, as well as an extensive media partnership with the network. The specific content for this sketch involving Jessica Simpson was not developed or aired by BKC or any of its agencies.”

not to state the obvious or anything, but sports and inequality have been a point of contention for a long-ass time. there’s the title ix thing, there’s the issue of salaries and payouts, there’s… well, i could keep ranting, but that’s okay. point is, we’re supposed to be at this point where as a society we start rolling back these dated misconceptions of women in sports; we’re supposed to be making progress. and then, shit happened. namely:

one. burger king, the nfl, and jessica simpson.

this is a clip that played on fox nfl sunday on october 11th, featuring animated versions of dallas cowboys players.

if you couldn’t bear to waste time watching it (i can’t blame you for that one), it features jason whitten, marion barber, tony romo and wade phillips, and a lot of fat jokes about jessica simpson.

reasons this is so tasteless i almost feel dirty just watching it:

  • dear universe, for the last time, JESSICA SIMPSON IS NOT FAT. also, it’s not like i even like her that much, but seriously, girlfriend has had some bad luck lately, and heaping on the fat jokes on top of that is sort of like kicking someone in the shins when they just broke their ankle.
  • i know the connection between this ad and OHN, a self-professed personal style blog, seems tenuous. let me explain. ads like this reinforce an ‘us versus them’ mentality, portraying men being men having man time in their manly man cave, making jokes at a woman’s expense. the way i feel about sports is a lot like how i feel about fashion: it should be fun, and it should NOT be exclusive. being active and athletic is a great way to get fit and feel good about yourself and your body, which affects your style and the way you dress; anything that makes you feel like that world is not something you can or should be a part of… well, it can go suck it.
  • really, like we need yet ANOTHER media outlet to reinforce negative body image for women (“if jessica simpson is fat, i must be a HEIFER.”)

two. sports merchandising sucks.

i’m a huge soccer fan, and when i go to the local pub to watch the game, i want to be able to show my support for my team with gear — a jersey, a t-shirt, whatever. but since i am also, y’know, a WOMAN, and since this pub is downtown and i tend to want to walk around and do other things after, i also want my gear to fit me, and not seem like i am drowning in borrowed jerseys.

now, i support a UK team, and merchandise in the US is slim pickings, unless i am willing to pay insane amounts on international shipping. apparently this means my choices are as follows:

translation: i only watch soccer for the hot players, not because i could possibly love the game.

translation: i only watch soccer because my boyfriend loves it.

translation: the only shirt i could possibly wear that could feature my team MUST be pink and sparkly. otherwise how can i possibly prove my femininity?

look, i am all for pink and sparkly, and i’m sure plenty of people think the first two shirts are funny, and maybe they are and i’m just not getting it. but where’s the balance? where are the team jerseys cut for women — don’t tell me they don’t exist because i’ve seen them? where are the t-shirts that feature cool designs with serious quotes from the top players — like they market to the men? why do these people insist on dressing their female fans like soccer barbie?

– – – – – – – – –

this is a long post that’s probably making less and less sense by the sentence, but for every step the sports world takes to move forward — think positive nike ads and the like that play to a woman’s strength — little things like this set it about a squillion times back. tell me i’m not the only one angered by all of this.

*images courtesy of whoareyadesigns.com and manutdshopusa.com.

when i get a hankering for something, i am somewhat obsessed with it and end up looking it up EVERY DAY debating with myself whether it’s worth buying or not. said ugly obsession reared its head the other day with a pair of lace-up booties at urban outfitters. behold their magnificence:

we who see field bootie, $128 at urban outfitters.

i would even have settled for its slightly cheaper, slightly less rad, kind of hippie cousin:

we who see fringe bootie, $78 at urban outfitters.

luckily, though, i didn’t lose my head. because sometimes, when you wish for something hard enough, the thrift gods are kind.

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